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Did you know Just Kids serves 15 school districts in South Jersey?

Individual school districts and Archway Programs realize there is a great need for quality center-based school-age care in our area. We have tailored a before and after-school child care program to meet your needs and concerns in a loving, safe and secure environment. Together, staff and children make choices and plan a fun and stimulating program.



What Sets Us Apart

Just Kids has 35+ years of expertise in providing quality, cost-effective before

and after school care that focuses on the development and interests of the children.

Just Kids embraces each other's differences, both with staff and each child who is

enrolled. Known for having dedicated, mature, caring and experienced long-term

childcare staff, Just Kids provides over 40 hours of professional development for

each staff member, focusing on many areas including child development, learning

through play, medication administration and diversity.












Our Childcare Providers:

• 160+ mature and experienced staff

• Consistent staff to child ratio below 1:15

• Average length of service for supervisor is 8 years

• Average length of service for childcare assistants is 3 years

• Average length of service for support/managerial staff is 13 years

• Over 40 hours of extensive summer staff training and routine monthly training

• Childcare staff focus on supervising children– not in enrollment or payment


Enrichment Activities Include:

• Quiet time for homework and individual activities
• Free choice of activity centers
• Community Service and Parent Involvement projects
• Arts and crafts
• Science and music activities
• Special projects and themes (ex. anti-bullying)
• Indoor and outdoor play including competitive and non-competitive games
• Small and large group games and activities to foster good citizenship,cooperation

   and positive social skills
• Light breakfast and healthy snack



•Monthly individualized curriculum calendars

• Curriculum includes: Science, Cooking, Music, Anti-Bullying,

   Safety, Community service, and Parent Participation opportunities

• Activity Centers for student choice

• Soft space for comfort and individual quiet activities

• Breakfast and afternoon snack served, meeting federal regulation at CACFP participating schools.



• Online registration forms

• Payment electronically from debit card, credit card, or bank account monthly

• Extra services are billed to parent rather than paid for in advance

• Yearly registration fee; not required to re-pay if re-enroll within the school year


Safety and Monitoring: These are above all NJ State Licensing Requirements.

• Notification to County Office of Emergency Management

• Monthly Code Blue Drills- strangers in building or playground

• Medical Emergency Drills– three times per year

• Policies and Procedures for emergency preparedness, evacuation, lock down, etc.

• Thorough medication administration practices

• Internal monitoring system to ensure monthly compliance with licensure standards and Just Kids standards.

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