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Archway Programs is continuing to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on the individuals, children, students, teens, adults, residents, families, staff and community partners throughout the state of New Jersey. Our team is dedicated to providing resources and information that support the wellbeing of our community. To see the full list of resources we have put together for families, please click here. This page will be dedicated to Just Kids specific information.


Bringing Just Kids to You!

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Just Kids is emailing parents through Constant Contact 1-2 times per week.  On Tuesdays, we are sending fun resources through our “Bringing Just Kids to You!” emails.  On Fridays, we are emailing updates regarding billing and any other information.  Please look for these. If you are not getting these or need to change the email address they are going to, please email us at



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COVID-19 Specific

Frequently Asked Questions 



When will we have our account statements reflecting any credits that have been applied?

We are reviewing each parent Just Kids ledger and mailing out hard copies of your account statement within the next two weeks. You will then have a copy of your account statement and know any credits you have in your Just Kids account. As you know, Just Kids is part of a non-profit Archway Programs and depends upon your parent paid tuition to fund all the costs of operating. Just Kids continues to have expenses even while we are not serving children directly.  We are asking, if you are financially able, to keep the credit in your Just Kids account and use it towards camp or next year’s registration/ tuition for September. Having these funds will help us to be ready to start back up as soon as we are allowed to. We understand that you may have your own financial hardship at this time or that you know you will not be returning to Just Kids next year. If this is the case, please let us know once you receive your statement and we will refund you back the credit.


What will happen to the unused non-refundable Flex Tickets that I was unable to use?

All unused flex tickets will be credited back to your Just Kids ledger.  This is in addition to the unused days in March which we already credited all active non-flex ticket Just Kids accounts.  


Are you having CAMP Just Kids this summer?

We are waiting to hear news from the Governor as to whether we will be able to operate summer camp. At this moment, we are planning for operating and putting into place safety measures including screening, group size, social distancing, and other mechanisms based upon CDC and the NJ Childcare Health Consultant guidelines. Please register for camp during this time so that we have accurate numbers for planning.  You can go to our website and click on CAMP Just Kids to register on-line. If summer camp is not able to operate, your $100 deposit and any weekly tuition payments will be refunded to you. 


When will I be able to register for the 2020-2021 school-year?

Re-registration information and deadlines for the 2020-2021 school year will be coming out by the end of May. Please look for continued emails from us with this information.  


Can I reach Just Kids office staff during the closure?

We are working remotely and can be reached best through email.  Just email us at You can call the office at 856.768.8190 and leave a message.  We will get to your call, but the response may be delayed. 


Do I still have to pay for a full month of March tuition when we did not have school for two weeks?

Your Just Kids account was credited for the unused days in the month of March.  You will see the amount credited on your account statement with the note “March Closure”. These credits will remain with Just Kids and used toward future tuition. This includes any co-pays for those receiving county subsidized childcare payments. 

Can I get a copy of my current Just Kids account ledger?

Just email us at to request a copy of your ledger to be emailed.


When is my next tuition due?

Once Just Kids knows the date we will be returning to operate, we will determine the amount of tuition that is due. The tuition will be prorated for the days of care in the specific month.  We will then notify you of the amount due and give amply time for payment.  Depending upon the number of days of care, your account credit from March may cover the tuition due. 


What if we do not have Just Kids for the rest of the school year?  What will happen to the credit in my account?

Just Kids will notify you of the credit you have in your account.  If you are returning to Just Kids in the fall, we will keep the credit to pay a portion of your registration and tuition for September. If you know you are not going to return to Just Kids in the fall, you can request for your credit to be refunded to you.

How is Just Kids communicating to parents during this closure period of time?

Just Kids is emailing parents through Constant Contact email system twice per week.  On Tuesdays, we are sending fun resources through our “Bringing Just Kids to You!” emails.  On Fridays, we are emailing updates regarding billing and any other information.  Please look for these. If you are not getting these or need to change the email address they are going to, just let us know.  Many times these group emails can end up in your “junk mail” by accident.  Please accept them so that they go to your regular mail file. 

Additional Questions?

Please contact the Just Kids Office during normal business hours at 856.768.8190 or email us at The hours for the Just Kids office are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. During the summer, the Just Kids office will close at 3:00 p.m.