Registration: School Year Before and Aftercare

Thank you for choosing Just Kids for your child's before and after-school care. You are just a few steps away from enrolling your child in a fun and safe environment before and after school!

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year will began on July 1st.

1. When can my child start? 


During the on-going school year, all payment and registration paperwork MUST BE COMPLETED BY



Tuition for October 2022 will be billed September 15th (and must be paid by September 20th).


2. How do I enroll?


There are three options to register.


1.  Click the online registration button to register for JUST KIDS BEFORE AND AFTERSCHOOL CARE:  

 (If you encounter any problems, please email us at


2.  Call our office at 856-768-8190 to have a registration packet mailed to your home. Complete the packet and mail it back to the Just Kids office with payment of fees and first month tuition


3.  Download the registration materials below, complete them and mail the packet to the Just Kids office with payment of fees and first month tuition by the dates above.  


3. What is the cost of tuition?
See the specific Districts Served page to see tuition costs and fees.
4. Can the childcare providers give medication to my child?


Just Kids policy is to only administer medications for special needs if failure to take the medication would jeopardize the child’s health or prevent the child from attending childcare. If this criteria includes your child’s needs, there are two medication forms that need to be completed and signed by your attending physician prior to the medication being brought to the childcare providers for administration. These forms must be given to Janet L. Boris, Just Kids Director for approval prior to the program starting any administration of medication.