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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the goals of the Just Kids program?

What are the hours of operation?

What will my child experience?

What do I need to do for the first day of Just Kids?

Can I observe the program prior to enrolling my child?

What should my child bring to Just Kids?

What do I need to know about attendance and schedules?

Why is my tuition the same amount each month even when there are school holidays?

When are payments due and will I receive a bill in the mail?

How can I pay my tuition?

Can I use funds from my flexible spending account (FSA) or have my employer reimburse Just Kids for payments? 

Do you accept subsidized childcare payments from the county?

What are there additional fees for?

Can I get credit for any holidays or days missed at Just Kids?

What if I need care at a time I am not regularly scheduled for?

What are Flex Tickets?

What food is provided in the program?

What if my child has food allergies or needs medication given at the program?

What is Just Kids Disciplinary Policy?

Who do I talk to if I have a question or concern?

How can I be involved?

What do I do if my child will be absent or is sick?

What do I need to know about the Childcare Staff?

What is Just Kids’ TAX ID #?

How to contact us



Welcome to Just Kids School-Age Child Care (SACC). Just Kids is operated by Archway Programs in cooperation with the Principal, Superintendent and the Board of Education in each district.  We thank you for entrusting us to provide for your childcare needs.


Just Kids’ mission is to work in collaboration with the hosting school district to provide quality school-based childcare to children attending the specific elementary/middle school Kindergarten though 6th Grade. This service ensures child safety while providing a relationship building and child enrichment curriculum.


Hours of Operation:

Just Kids generally operates between the hours of 7:00 a.m. until the start of school and from the time of dismissal until 6:00 p.m. when school is in session. We have an extended afternoon program on all scheduled half days as well, from early dismal to 6:00 pm.


The goals of the Just Kids Program are as follows:


  • To create quality extended care during before and after school hours for families.

  • To provide a place for children to feel safe and wanted with qualified adult  supervision.

  • To provide a learning environment where a child can develop a feeling of self-worth, new skills and interests.

  • To provide age appropriate activities that meet with the physical, emotional, mental and social developmental needs of the children.

  • To provide excellent customer service, making enrollment and payment as efficient and convenient as possible.


The Just Kids staff, school staff, parents and children are a cohesive team that help to create a program that has a relaxing yet stimulating atmosphere where children are always active.   School-age childcare is not intended to replace or replicate the home or school, but compliment both. It is not intended to be an extension of the academic school setting.


What will my child experience?

Just Kids Program provides a warm environment within the school building. Materials and caring supervision are provided for all activities.  A nutritious light breakfast and snack are offered to each child.  Please ask your child care provider for a monthly menu and schedule for breakfast and snacks.

The morning program consists of low key, wake up type projects developed to meet the needs of the children.  In a few schools with a long a.m. program, physical activities are provided.  In the after school program, again the activities reflect the needs of the children.  Child initiated, as well as adult-directed activities occur indoors and outdoors.  Each child has a choice of several activity centers to be engaged in.  Quiet time is provided for homework.  While we provide assistance and encouragement to complete homework, it is not mandated to be finished or checked by Just Kids staff.


Activities include:

  • Physical indoor/outdoor activities

  • Circle time/sharing time

  • Nature/ Science activities

  • Reading activities

  • Art/ Music activities

  • Group and individual games

  • Homework time

  • Cooking activities (at schools with access to facilities)

  • Each provider creates a monthly curriculum calendar which is approved and posted  in the program. 


Each program has a community service project and several parent participation activities throughout the school year.


PARENT CORNER:  Please take time to look at our Parent Corner.  It includes such items as our current state license, emergency procedures, menu, activity schedule, notices of events or deadlines and articles related to child safety, parenting and childhood development.  This area is a resource for you.

FOOD ALLERGIES: Just Kids posts a monthly menu of breakfast and snack foods provided. We try to work with parents regarding food allergies. If the menu does not meet your child's needs please feel free to send in a snack with your child.


What do I need to do for the first day of Just Kids?

  • On the first day that your child(ren) attend(s) the program, send a note to his/her teacher stating that at the end of the school day your child is to attend the Just Kids program. Also, please send two notes (one for the school and one for Just Kids) if your schedule changes or if it is irregular. This communication is necessary for your child’s safety. Please call the Just Kids cell phone number for any sudden changes in schedule.


  • The Just Kids Program is held in the all purpose room of most schools. In the event of our relocation, a note of direction will be posted on the door. You can look at the webpage for your district on details as to where your program is located and how to enter at the school. 


  • For your child’s safety, it is imperative that all parents or designated others walk their child into the program and sign them in on the sign in sheets in the morning. Parents or designated others must sign children out of the program in the afternoon.


Can I observe the program prior to enrolling my child?


Our usual answer is "Yes," but due to COVID-19, school districts are not allowing extra people in their buildings. We just ask that you call the Just Kids office to inform us as to which school you would like to observe. We will check with the school to see if we can accommodate the request and then inform the Just Kid Supervisor to expect you. This procedure is for the safety of all the children in the program as well as to prepare the Supervisor to have time to talk with you about the program once you get there.


What should my child bring to Just Kids?

There is nothing that your child needs to bring to the program.  We provide a wide variety of supplies including games, toys, art supplies and sports equipment. Just Kids will give the students the opportunity for free choice and adult led activities each day.  There is no need to supplement these activities with anything from home.  On occasion, children may be asked to bring in something from home for a specific project or event. Your childcare staff will discuss this with you at that time.


We do ask that your child not bring in any electronic game devices or phones.  Due to licensing regulations, children are not able to use these games or other “screens” unless deemed educational and part of the Just Kids curriculum.

For PM after care on half days, if your school is not having lunch, please send your child with a bag lunch. Just Kids only provides a PM snack.

What do I need to know about attendance and schedules?

  • Drop off – Pick-up:

Parents must escort their children into the program in the morning and sign them in.  This is for your child’s safety and we strictly enforce this rule.  In the afternoon, parents must come into the Just Kids area to gather their children and sign them out on the provided form.

Anyone listed as an “authorized person for pick up” on your enrollment form can pick up your child. He/she will be asked for photo ID to verify their identity. If the event of an emergency and a person not listed as an “authorized person for pickup” needs to pick up your child, you must call the Just Kids provider to approve the person. You can call and leave a message on their cell phone voicemail during non-program hours, however; messages are only retrieved during the actual program hours. 

If a child is not picked up by closing time, the staff member will contact persons authorized by the parents as emergency contacts.  An hour after closing time, provided that other arrangements for releasing a child to parents or authorized persons have failed, the staff member shall call the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services’ 24 Hour Hotline to seek assistance in caring for the child.

  • Late Pick-up

Any parent picking up their child after 6:00 p.m. will be assessed a late fee, based upon the time on the program cell phone.  The late fee is $15 per child for anytime within the first half hour. An additional $15 will be charged within each thirty minute period afterward. These additional fees will be invoiced to the child’s account by the Just Kids office.  This fee is to cover the costs of keeping the program open late.  Please be courteous to our staff and arrive prior to 6:00 p.m. If a parent/guardian is late on three (3) occasions they may be terminated from the program.


  • Absence Notification Procedure

Parents must notify the Just Kids site if your child will be absent when scheduled for PM sessions.

Notes to classroom teachers do not reach us consistently.  It is the responsibility of the parent to call Just Kids program cell phone or give a note in writing prior to the day.

If your child will participate in an after school activity, sport or club, prior to attending Just Kids, the parent is responsible for providing permission and notification in writing to the Just Kids provider in advance.  Your child must check in the program each day prior to attending the school activity.  He/she will then be dismissed back into Just Kids by the teacher once the activity is over. 


  • Change in Personal Information:

Each year Just Kids requires our parents to fill out the entire enrollment packet as part of re-registration. This information is kept on file in a secure place at the Just Kids office and the care-giving site.  All information is kept confidential and only available to employees of Just Kids on a need-to-know basis.

In order to ensure the safety and security of your child, please notify us of any changes in writing through email at These items include:

              · Change of home address, home phone number or cell phone numbers

              · Change of employment or employment phone number, and

              · Change in names of adults permitted to pick up your child.


  • Change in Schedule

Just Kids offers the flexibility to change your schedule at any time. To ensure the accuracy of care provided and billing, it is necessary that you notify us in writing ten (10) business days in advance of plans to terminate or make changes in your schedule.  You can email us at  Failure to do so will result in continued billing. All changes in schedules begin on a Monday. Please note: If changing from Flex to a five day schedule, you must use up all your flex tickets prior to the new schedule starting.


  • Emergency Closings—Snow Days

The program will not operate in the morning, if the school calls a delayed opening.  Just Kids will not operate in the afternoon, if the school calls an early dismissal. In addition, the program will not operate on any day when school is closed.  You must abide by your district’s policy for emergency closings and arrangements should be made in advance for your child’s care.  A Just Kids provider will not contact you. You must be prepared to have your child bused home or make arrangements with the school. This ensures safety for your child and Just Kids staff. In the event that there is an emergency after Just Kids begins the program, the provider will contact you or your emergency contact to arrange early pick-up. No refunds will be issued for emergency closings.


 Why is my tuition the same amount each month even when there are school holidays?


Yearly fees for Just Kids are based on 180 days of school attendance.  Yearly fees are broken into 10 equal monthly installments so that your payment remains the same each month.


When are payments due and will I receive a bill in the mail?

1. Monthly tuition fees are due to Just Kids by the 15th of the month prior to care.  Installments are due the 15th of each month beginning in August and ending in May. If the monthly installment is not received on or before the last day of the month, your child will not be able to attend the Just Kids program until payment is received.

2. If your account has a balance due on the 15th of the month and a valid email address, you will receive a reminder email to pay your balance electronically through the Parent Portal (see details below). This reminder email is sent on the 15th or the next business day.  You are responsible to pay your tuition without this reminder. 


How can I pay my tuition?

You have three options to pay your balance each month.   (Childcare providers cannot accept payment.)

  • Completing an EFT form allowing Just Kids to automatically charge your credit card or bank account for the tuition the 15th of each month. The EFT form was part of the enrollment packet and can also be found below. You are responsible for informing Just Kids of any changes to your account that effect transactions. If your payment is returned for any reason three times, Just Kids will no longer accept this form of payment. 



  • Send a check or money order for the balance to

       Just Kids

       212 Jackson Road

       PO Box 668

       Atco, NJ 08004

       Please write your child’s name on the bottom of the check/money order.


  • Pay at your convenience electronically through the parent portal.  On the 15th of each month, an invoice is routinely emailed to all accounts with a valid email address and a balance over $15.  The emailed invoice allows you to pay yourself through a parent portal.  At any time, you can access your parent portal HERE.

      Directions for the parent portal are located HERE



Can I use funds from my flexible spending account (FSA) or have my employer reimburse Just Kids for payments?

You can use your flexible spending account to pay for your child’s tuition.  However, the funds are due on the deadlines outlined above.  Most of the time, these funds are used to reimburse you for tuition you have already paid.  Just Kids then uses the funds as a credit toward future tuition charges. 


There are several ways typical flexible spending accounts or employer reimbursement work. You will have to find out directly from your employer or account what your payment options and procedures are. 

Just Kids will:

  • Provide you with an invoice outlining the payments you have made for childcare so that you can be reimbursed through your FSA or employer.

  • Sign off on an employer’s form to verify your payment for childcare to Just Kids. You can send the completed form via fax, email, or mail to Just Kids. The form must have all details completed and the parent signature prior to Just Kids verifying the information.  We will then send the form back to you for you to submit to your employer.

  • Just Kids is unable to directly charge a FSA credit card due to our business code being a “non-profit”, not specifically coded as childcare. 



Please request the information you need or send the completed forms via fax or email. 


Do you accept subsidized childcare payments from the county?


Yes, we accept subsidized childcare funding from both NJ Cares for Kids and Workfirst.  We also accept payment from Division of Children and Families for children in care.  To see if you qualify, you must apply directly to the county agency.  The agency then notifies Just Kids of your eligibility.  Just Kids registration materials must be completed as well as all county forms and contracts prior to a child starting in the program. Contact your county agency to find out the details of how to qualify:

  • Burlington County: Burlington County CAP - (609) 386-5800

  • Camden County: Camden County Department of Children Services - (856) 374-6376  

  • Gloucester County: Rutgers Southern Regional CCR&R - (856) 537-2322

  • Salem County: Rutgers Southern Regional CCR&R - (856) 469-6100


What are there additional fees for?

  • There is a $20.00 NSF fee charged for all returned payments. This includes checks and electronic payment with credit cards or direct debits.  If your personal checks are returned two (2) times, we reserve the right not to accept them. Only a money order or "Click To Pay" will be accepted at that time.

  • A $25.00 late fee will be charged to your family account because of the following:

  1. If your payment is received after the 20th of each month. If payment is not received by the last day of the month, your child will be terminated from the program or until payment is received in full.  

  2. On the 21st of each month if there is any balance on your account including any unpaid late fee.


Can I get credit for any holidays or days missed at Just Kids?

  1. Just Kids tuition is based upon the average of 18 school days per month.  You pay the same monthly tuition every month whether there are 16 school days for 22 school days that month.

  2. Sick credit will be issued if a child is out of the program for at least 5 consecutive in-session school days. Just Kids must be notified in writing and a doctor’s note must accompany the request.

  3. If you have a credit and require a refund, you must request it by notifying us in writing by mail, fax, or e-mail. A refund could take approximately 4 weeks to process.



What if I need care at a time I am not regularly scheduled for?

  • Just Kids offers “extra services” other than your schedule enrollment.  These are limited to four (4) per month. There is no limit to the number of extra services used for half days per month.  If you are in need of the extra services more than four times a month you may be considered a fulltime schedule and billed accordingly.   EXAMPLE: If you are contracted for PM and you need to use an AM, you will be charged $11.00 if you use the AM extra service. If you are contracted AM and use the PM, you will be charged $15.00 if you use the PM extra service. Extra Services are billed to your account approximately two weeks after they occur due to the time lapse in paperwork being forwarded to the Atco Just Kids office. Payment for these services is due when the next month’s tuition is due.

  • Monthly tuition fees for PM sessions include payment for all half days. On half days, children who attend the AM session are welcome to also attend the half day session in the PM.  We will assess the child’s account for this extra service. This charge is $20.00.

  • Please notify the child care providers when you need to use a service outside of your usual schedule. They will have you sign a form, when you use the extra service.


What are Flex Tickets?

This enrollment option is best for parents who only need care periodically throughout the school year or under 8 days per month. (You have to compare the cost of the ticket times the number of days you will use it versus the monthly enrollment fee to see what works best financially for you.) FLEX Tickets are purchased in advance in books of 5 tickets.  One ticket is good for 1 AM or 1 PM or 1 AM & PM (on the same day) and costs $25.00. Tickets are sold in books of 5 and are due at the time of service.  It is suggested that you personally hand the ticket to the provider at sign in or sign out.  If your child attends without a ticket you will be assessed a charge of $33.00 for that day (no exceptions). Your provider has been instructed that no tickets will be accepted after the date of service unless notified by the Just Kids Office.  The tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire at the end of the school year.

Please notify both the school and Just Kids staff when your child will be attending in advance.  This ensures your child’s safety if you expect your child to attend in the afternoon. 


What food is provided in the program?

Just Kids meets the standards outlined by the NJ Adult and Child Food Program for the daily provision of breakfast and snacks. A light breakfast including cereal, toast, milk and juice is provided each morning.  An afternoon snack is provided and includes such items as salsa and chips, fruit, Sun chips, or cheese sticks.  We do serve a fresh fruit/vegetable once per week with the breakfast/snack.


What if my child has food allergies or needs medication given at the program?


FOOD ALLERGIES: Just Kids posts a monthly menu of breakfast and snack foods provided. We try to work with parents regarding food allergies. If the menu does not meet your child's needs please feel free to send in a snack with your child.


MEDICATION: Just Kids policy is to only administer medications for special needs, if failure to take the medication would jeopardize the child’s health or prevent the child from attending childcare. These medications are usually Epi Pens, asthma inhalers, and similar medications.  If this criteria includes your child’s needs, there are two medication forms that need to be completed and signed by your attending physician prior to the medication being brought to the childcare providers for administration. These forms must be given to Janet Boris, Just Kids Director for approval prior to the program starting any administration of medication. You can find these forms below.


What is Just Kids Disciplinary Policy?


Just Kids promotes positive behavior in children through: setting consistent and realistic limits; structuring the environment to meet needs of children; structuring the schedule and activities to meet the developmental and special needs of children; encouraging and reinforcing cooperation and other pro-social behaviors; and teaching and modeling positive communication and interaction between staff and children. However, as in the schools, Just Kids has a zero tolerance policy regarding physical aggression. Just Kids encourages the children to participate in establishing the discipline rules for their group. These rules are posted so that all children will be aware of their limits. Please see the linked policy below for details. 


Who do I talk to if I have a question or concern?

If you have any questions about what has or will take place in the program, including your child’s participation, the schedule, or an incident during the year, please contact the Supervisor either in person or using the program cell phone. The Supervisor is there to clarify any questions or concerns you may have.  If you feel as though your concerns or questions are not being answered appropriately, please contact the Just Kids Director at 856-768-8190 or The Supervisor will contact you as well to ask you questions related to your child or provide feedback regarding his/her participation in the program. 



  • Something is happening at home which may affect your child’s feelings or behavior.

  • You or your child are not pleased with an area of the program.

  • You need clarification of a procedure, communication, or request, etc.


How can I be involved?

Parents are welcome to visit the program at any time.  Parents are encouraged to suggest topics or themes for activities or be a resource to share a hobby, skill, or career with the children.  The program is always interested in collecting odds and ends for arts and crafts, dress-up, group activities, etc.


What do I do if my child will be absent or is sick?

The health and safety of children attending Just Kids is of primary concern to our staff. 

If your child is absent from school, the Just Kids staff will be notified from the school office.  If your child becomes sick during the school day, he/she will be unable to attend Just Kids in the afternoon.

Please do not send your child to Just Kids, if they are visibly ill including a contagious disease or illness, vomiting, diarrhea or fever (of 101.5 F or greater).  You need to provide Just Kids with a doctor’s note approving them to return for any communicable disease or upon request. Just Kids must abide by all state Office of Licensing regulations which are in our Sick Child Policy. Please click on the link below for the details of when a child is restricted from attending Just Kids.



What do I need to know about the Childcare Staff?

  • All childcare providers meet the licensing requirements for their assigned position.

  • All staff attend summer training prior to each school year and regular mandatory monthly training, which is over 40 hours per year. 

  • The supervision ratio for licensure is one adult to fifteen children; Just Kids staff is approximately one adult to every twelve or less children.

  • Each program has staff trained in First Aid and CPR.

  • Staff is fingerprinted and have completed criminal and child abuse background checks as required for licensure.

  • On-going formal and informal evaluations of staff performance and program assessment are completed by the District Manager.  District Managers visit each program weekly at an unannounced time.

What is Archway Programs Just Kids Tax ID#?

Our Tax ID# is 22-240-1037. You can use this when completing your tax returns. Just add up your Just Kids payments for the calendar year to get your total expenditure for childcare.

Contact Us/Communication:

Each Just Kids site has an individual cell phone which is on during hours of operation. To find the number of your site, check out our website on the district page for your school. A card with the cell number is also available at the program site for you to have. 


Just Kids providers will make all communication to you regarding the safety or well-being of your child by speaking on the phone, if you are not present in the program.  We will use texting only in response to a parent’s text, if deemed appropriate.  


Just Kids Office

Phone: 856-768-8190

Fax: 856-753-5884



Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM





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